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IMPACT Ministers Mentoring Network is a cutting- edge church leaders training team with emphasis on church health & church growth.

Our IMPACT annual Retreat is every first week of January and International conference every first week of June offers thousands of pastors an opportunity for personal refreshing, vision sharpening, prophetic impartation & relationship building. It is our conviction that the Lord will empower destinies through impact.

Commitment Levels with IMPACT

The first group includes those who regularly attend the vigils, conferences and other functions of the network, but with no other commitments to the network. These are ASSOCIATE MEMBERS.

The second group includes those who submit to the ministry of Pastor George Izunwa as spiritual sons. These are MINISTRY PROTEGEES.

The third group includes those who have benefitted and grown under the ministry of IMPACT and willingly commit to the continual mentorship by Pastor George Izunwa. These are COVENANT PARTNERS.

The expectation on each member of IMPACT is dependent on such members' level of commitment with the network.


1. IMPACT does not insist that you submit to the ministry of Pastor George Izunwa, as a spiritual father, in order to benefit from her activities. All ministers, irrespective of ministry affiliations, are welcome.

2. IMPACT is not a substitute or competition to umbrella Christian bodies like CAN or PFN.


IMPACT began as a loose association of ministers, who gathered every Saturday at the office of Pastor George Izunwa, for prayers and fellowship.


The defined objective of the program is to build the spiritual capacity of the ministers in order to maximize the level of their impact in life and ministry.


In 2007, the gathering which had already metamorphosed into a mentoring relationship, began a formal monthly vigil, and took on the name IMPACT.


As results from the program began to manifest, the membership began to grow. Today, hundreds of pastors, evangelists prophets etc. (both male and female) from around Nigeria and beyond, consider the Impact Mentoring Ministers Outreach a relationship that is helping to facilitate their walk with God and the success of their calling.


So far, Impact Mentoring Ministers Outreach mentoring clinic has been held in Lagos, Yenagoa, Warri, Aba, Owerri, Calabar, Lagos, Asaba, the United States, the United Kingdom Ghana, Liberia, and South Africa to mention a few.

“As a foundation member of Impact, Pastor George poured himself into us and regularly prayed with us in his office. Through his mentorship, I experienced four major shifts: a mental shift that changed my perspective on challenges, a passion to push boundaries, the ability to build a beautiful worship center without relying on external assistance, and an outstanding miracle ministry that has seen dead people come back to life. Pastor George has made a world of difference in our ministry.”

Pst COC Joshua Elkana

“Since joining Impact Network in 2013, after attending the 2012 Warri conference, the grace upon Pastor George Izunwa has manifested in my life and ministry in many ways. These include a 200-seater adult church, a 150-seater children's church in the roofing stage, a 3-bedroom bungalow, 2 (27kva) generators, 2 landed properties in Warri, and a 2005 model Toyota Sienna. All of these things came after I joined Impact Ministers Network.”

Pst Anthony Sodje


George Izunwa pastors Gateway International Church, in PortHarcourt, Nigeria; a vibrant church with over 50 expressions around the world. He is the author of over 27 books & the host of ‘The Gateway’ radio outreach that airs twice daily in multiple radio stations around Nigeria. He is also the CEO of Life Center Network [LCN], a 24 hour satellite TV station.

With a strong prophetic voice, Pastor George conducts the yearly J2PG & VOD outreaches that has blessed multitudes around the globe. He is also the Lead Mentor of the Impact Ministers Mentoring Network, a network that connects over 8000 senior pastors & church leaders across denominations & nations. In the past 7years, he meets with over 750 pastors, each month, in ministry & leadership mentoring sessions.

In the business world, Pastor George functions as the CEO of Mithcan ISL, a company that transacts in the marine & construction industry. He & his wife, Manuela, are the proprietors of the prestigious Sitrid International School in PortHarcourt Nigeria. Pastor George is the Chairman of the Bethesda Mission Hospital, which for over 5years has hosted the annual “100 free surgeries outreach” to indigent people in Rivers State, Nigeria.

The George Izunwa Foundation which he co-founded with Manuela, has given out over 100 university scholarships, over 75 SME business grants, renovated several community schools, & funded 2 university e-libraries. Pastor George has been honoured by the University of PortHarcourt, the Rotary Club, the Ecowas Youth Council & other organisations for services to humanity.

The father of 3 amazing children, Pastor George Izunwa has only one singular passion in life: to help people to genuinely encounter God!


Conferences Held


Retreats Held


Registered Protegees


Registered Pastors


To assist ministers through training, modeling, prayers, counsel and IMPARTATION to encounter diverse dimensions of the grace and glory of God.

Our Impact Mentoring meetings in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, attracts a minimum of 800 pastors monthly. Our outreaches around the world has impacted the lives of thousands of pastors!